Farmers Protest: Everything about Kisan Bill and MSP

The Farmer’s protest is one of the most debatable topics in recent times. Thousands of farmers are protesting on the borders of Delhi for the last two weeks. Do you know why they are protesting? Well, many of you must be aware of the fact that recently the government of India has amended the new farm laws. This new farm law has brought changes to MSP. If you are looking to get a deep insight into Kisan Bill and MSP, this article will help you know about the new farm bill.

The new farm laws

Recently, the government has introduced three new laws. It includes:

Farmer’s produce trade and commerce Act 2020

This is a rule that aims to offer a barrier-free trading facility to the farmers. They can even trade their farm produce outside the market notified under various APMCs law.

Farmer’s agreement on price assurance and Farm service Act 2020

This is usually a framework that defines contract farming.

Essential commodities amendment Act 2020

This new rule eliminates the stock limits on the agricultural outcome. And this enables the merchants to purchase farm products directly from the farmers in massive quantities at the time of immense harvesting.

However, the implementation of all these news laws would take time. This is because; it will take years to implement the new rules passed in letters. And even setting up the market for a contract will take time. So, why are the Farmer’s protesting? The below of the article will help you know why the farmers are protesting.

Why are the farmers protesting?

It is evident that these new laws passed would nowhere be profitable for the farmers shortly. They may be introduced as a Covid-19 relief package. But the farmers are not going to get immediate relief.

On the other hand, the farmers don’t like the recent changes. They are in fear that the new changes will bring in more private players. They believe that the new laws will indulge new giant corporate groups in the agricultural produce market. And this, as a result, may create monopolies in the agricultural markets.

Farmers believe that if the corporation gets involved in the markets, they can influence the prices and hurt farmers. So, that is why the farmers are protesting to make changes to the new farm laws amended.

Why are the farmers are not convinced with the new amendments?

The primary reason behind the Farmer’s protest is the fear that they will lose their power of bargaining. If the large corporates enter into the market, they will influence the price. So, they are not convinced by the new laws passed.


Keeping it short, this is all about the new farm laws and why the farmers are protesting. Now that you know about the protest, you can participate in any debate.

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