Apple Car: Redefining Electric, Connected, and Autonomous Car Space

Apple Inc., the leading iPhone manufacturer, is targeting to produce an autonomous electric passenger car in 2024. This car is a part of the Project Titan that began in 2014. It is believed to be one of its most significant undertakings to date.

Based on the reports, the new car will be based on self-driving technology and innovative battery technology with Lidar Sensor. There are several interesting features of the Apple Car that have been emphasised by the Apple engineers; this article takes you through all these features to get a better view of Apple’s Car.

New Battery Design

This automotive driving system involves a new battery design that increases the range of vehicles and reduces batteries’ cost. It uses a distinctive “monocell” design” that bulks up the individual cells present in the battery. It frees the existing battery space by eliminating modules and pouches that keep the batteries in place.

Amazing Sensing Ability

The model will include impressive features such as numerous Lidar sensors to scan different distances effectively. It helps self-driving vehicles to obtain a three-dimensional view of the road.

Offers Longer Range 

The battery will be packed with a more active material in the new design that gives increased range to the car.

Enhanced Safety

The use of lithium-ion material in batteries’ development prevents them from getting overheated and thus offers extended safety to users.

Complements The Ecosystem

The Apple Car will be integrated with iOS. It will be an ideal combination of hardware, software, and services that balances the universal ecosystem. The car is also projected to leverage the Apple chip.

More Storage At Less Price

The all-new “monocell” battery design enables the vehicle to accumulate additional energy compared to the traditional battery. In this way, the Apple car will prove to be cost-efficient for users.

Automatic Doors and impressive interiors

The design of Apple’s Car features automatic doors that will close and open silently. The interior display will have an inbuilt VR or AR technology to offer optimum entertainment.

Fully Automatic

This autonomous car will be devoid of any or steering wheel and pedals. It is expected to have spherical wheels that will enable sideways driving and lead to a comfortable driving system.

Reasonable Price

Though the company has not declared the car’s price, it is speculated to be anywhere around 55,000 USD. Compared to its optimum design, heavy storage batteries, safety, and cutting-edge technology, this autonomous car will be a worthwhile purchase for car buyers.  The Apple Car’s beauty, the Apple car price in India is not going to be cheap.

The Future of Car

Though the car’s exact date isn’t known yet, its production is estimated to start in 2024. This upcoming introduction of Apple’s vehicle is believed to revolutionise the automotive industry. Considering its extraordinary design and outstanding self-driving abilities, this vehicle’s demand is sure to rise in the future.

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